STS-DR35 Premium Sit to Stand Desk Riser with Gas Spring Height Adjustment (Maple Brown)

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You can now do your work sitting or standing. At 35″ wide the STS-DR35 can accommodate two large monitors. The gas springs make height adjustment easy and the keyboard tray is large enough to hold a keyboard or a laptop and mouse.

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Detailed Features:

  • Verti-Rise System: The STS-DR35 utilizes the verti-rise system. This riser moves straight up and down with 12 positions. This unique design allows the user to simple stand up or sit down whereas with other products when they rise they shift forward or backward forcing the user to move accordingly. The DR-35 is ideal for cubicle environments or for desk systems that are installed directly against a wall; the verti-rise system helps save space by reducing the overall footprint of the riser.
  • USGL System: The ultra-smooth gas lift system lifts from 5.9″ to 19.68″ with 12 locking positions. The transition from locking positions on the STS-DR35 is so smooth it virtually feels like this riser locks at any position. The gas springs are rated for up to 20,000 uses and hold up to 33lbs of weight.
  • Designed with Ergonomics: The curved Keyboard tray offers the ergonomically correct position whether sitting (just like your normal position) or standing. The levers are placed towards the front of the unit so that the user does not have to lean forward to access the locking levers.
  • No Space Wasted: The STS-DR35 is designed to maximize the amount of surface space. It can handle two monitors and/or a laptop and also includes a slot for holding a tablet or cell phone. The keyboard tray is 34″ wide – enough room for a large keyboard and mouse.
  • Child Safe Dual Levers: The STS-DR35 is designed with dual levers that are located on opposite sides of the desk. This child safe design approach makes it impossible for the desk to be lowered (and potentially hurt a child’s arm or fingers) because both levers must be engaged simultaneously to adjust the height of the desk.
  • Cable Management and Grommet Hole: The back edge of the top surface of the riser is curved. This allows room for cables when the riser is pushed up to a wall. Additionally a grommet hole allows a desktop monitor mount to be installed onto the riser with easy. An added benefit of the curved design is that the base of an installed monitor mount will not be directly butted up against the wall reducing any potential damage to the wall due to friction or rubbing.


  • 35″ Wide by 23″ Deep Desk Riser
  • Height Adjustment: 5.9″ to 19.68″
  • Locking Positions: 12
  • Gas Spring Usage Rating: 20,0000
  • Desktop and Keyboard Material: MDF
  • Keyboard: Stationary
  • Adjustment Handle Material: 90% nylon / 10% Fiber Glass (Textured)
  • Weight Capacity: 33 lbs
  • Tablet/Cell Phone Slot Holder
  • Monitor Mount Grommet Hole: Yes
  • Color/Finish: Maple Brown
  • Overall Dimensions (W x D): 35″ x 31″
  • Keyboard Tray Dimensions (W x D): 34″ x 12.8″ (Note: 25″ Wide at rear mounting position)
  • Weight: 22.52kg
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Boost Industries STS-DR35 35″ Sit-to-Stand Standing Desk Riser (Maple Brown)
  • Owner’s Manual


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