About Us

Who is Boost Industries?

Boost Industries had its humble beginning in 2009. This Canadian-owned and operated company started as an importer and manufacturer of Consumer Electronics accessory products. Many of the initial products were designed and engineered in Canada; the first products in the Boost catalogue were Flat Panel TV mounts soon followed by AV wall shelves. These products proved to be very popular in the Canadian market place.

In 2010 we started working directly with factories in China to develop the Boost Industries brand in an expanded product line up to include Mobile TV Carts, Projector Mounts and Speaker Stands and Brackets. By implementing unique designs and high quality control these products have proven to be very successful in the North American market. Many of the original models remain in high demand to this day. From 2010 to the present, the Boost brand gained a reputation for high quality and in turn expanded its distribution in North America.

Never to be complacent, Boost Industries forged on watching for new avenues and opportunities. In recent years, there has been an awareness of how ergonomically designed products can benefit the end users health. It was around this time, that Boost began to investigate an expansion of our catalogue to include office oriented products. In late 2015, we developed our first of many desk risers- the STS-DR35. There continues to be a vast amount of documentation supporting the negative health effects of sitting for long periods. However, those who stand for at least part of the work day benefit from reduced risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. As such, our sit to stand desk risers and other ergonomically designed office products continue to gain traction for their over-all health benefits. The future is healthy.